Ismaila Yusuf, popularly known on X social media as @TruthToArewa, has responded to Professor Usman Yusuf, the former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, regarding his worries about the lack of response from South Easterners during the current hardships under Tinubu’s administration. She likened it to a sinking ship.

In contrast to the propaganda that associated the Southeastern area with the Biafra agenda, Ismaila Yusuf highlighted the region’s past cautions about the consequences of political errors. He emphasized their sophisticated perception of Nigeria’s dynamics and their previous electoral rejections of President Buhari and Tinubu.

Yusuf claims that the Southeastern region’s seeming quiet in the face of political changes is a purposeful reaction based on an in-depth knowledge of Nigeria’s socio-political dynamics. While some could interpret this silence as consent, he said it demonstrates the region’s alertness and forethought. He emphasized the Southeast’s track record of shunning leaders who are judged unfit, including prominent individuals such as President Buhari and Bola Tinubu.

Yusuf explained the electoral history of the Southeast, pointing out that they have a history of refusing to support candidates who do not share their goals and ideals. He cited Tinubu’s unsuccessful attempts to win over the Southeast despite his political ploys, arguing that the region’s rejection of him demonstrates its dedication to responsible administration and the welfare of all its citizens.

Furthermore, citing the Southeast’s keen understanding of Nigeria’s intricacies and issues, Yusuf urged the country to pay attention to their viewpoint, particularly on elections-related topics. He underlined the importance of giving regional insights more recognition and advised against writing off their worries as mere political posturing.

Ismaila Yusuf’s comments call for electoral caution and an acknowledgment of the Southeast’s knowledgeable approach to political engagement and governance. His analysis emphasizes the significance of many viewpoints and inclusive decision-making in determining Nigeria’s democratic future.

In an interview with Arise TV, Yusuf expressed his grave concern about the Southeastern region’s lack of response to the continuous suffering brought on by Tinubu’s rule.

Yusuf articulated, “The unusual quietness from the South-Easterners is troubling. Tinubu’s economic policies have exacerbated the situation, leaving many in dire straits and signaling imminent trouble.

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