General Ibrahim Babangida, the former head of state of the Nigerian military, has stated that history will judge him for his contribution to Nigeria, emphasising that he gave the nation his all in his duty.

According to Babangida, learning more about the nation and forming friends from all walks of life was his greatest accomplishment.

Speaking to reporters at his Minna, Niger State, hilltop home, the former Nigerian leader did acknowledge using both conversation and coercion as leadership philosophies.

When questioned about his accomplishments as Head of State, he stated, “Number one is that I served the country the best I could.

“It may not be to your satisfaction but to the best that I could; I leave that to history to judge.

“I related fairly well with the people of the country. I had no problem with them and I got to know the country more as I was well travelled.

“I made friends all over the country and I thought that was one of the greatest achievements.”

IBB, as he is commonly called, advised Nigerian youth to learn about their nation since they will be the leaders of the future.

“You have an opportunity now as young people, get to know the country, study the country, the people, and if you are able to do that or to understand that, basically, I think that will go a long way to prepare you for the eventual leadership of the country.

“Just like any other style, you are placed in a leadership position; your job is to lead people. You develop a situation where people look up to you to provide certain solutions to their problems or to their fears,” he added.

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