Former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s adviser, Bashir Ahmad, recently expressed gratitude for the present Presidency’s diplomatic response to political criticism. The aide compared the restrained response to Peter Obi’s post-election commentary with the ongoing interaction with Atiku Abubakar.

The aide brought up the administration’s calculated move to remain silent after Peter Obi’s “unending comments” after his election defeat. He praised the President for deftly putting the former vice presidential candidate in the “right place.” The State House has noticeably refrained from directly responding to Obi’s tirade of statements.

In his words, he said; “ I like the way the Presidency puts Peter Obi in the right place; despite his unending comments since after his loss, and there has never been a direct response to him. Meanwhile, Atiku has been receiving back-to-back responses from the State House. There are different levels of engagement at play”.

The aide highlighted the varying degrees of participation, stressing that the State House has given Atiku Abubakar “back-to-back responses,” Peter Obi has been treated with notable restraint.

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