When the former president stood before a joint session of the National Assembly to submit a budget estimate in the past, according to Philip Agbese, the deputy spokeswoman of the House of Assembly, he was verbally and physically abused.

Agbese said in a statement on Tuesday that the 10th House of Representatives, led by Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas has been comparatively quiet, in contrast to the internal strife, leadership crises, and executive-legislative rancours that have typically typified previous Assemblies.

In an interview with the media following the House’s reopened plenary, Hon. Agbese stressed how this Assembly differs sharply from previous ones in that it is free of internal strife and tense relationships between the legislative and executive branches.

“The towering leadership qualities of Mr. Speaker, RT. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas (Ph.D), has accounted for the peace, unity, and tranquility the House currently enjoys, as well as the harmonious working relationship with the executive and the MDAs thereunder,” stated Hon. Agbese.

Agbese added that Speaker Abbas had led the House away from the days of internal strife and squandering time on pointless problems.

Agbese, who represents the Benue State federal constituency of Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo, praised Speaker Abbas for his maturity in managing parliamentary matters.

He complimented Speaker Abbas’s effective leadership for the timely and successful passage of the 2024 budget.

He explained, “There were times in this country when the President was bullied and yelled at when he appeared before a joint session of the National Assembly to present a budget estimate.

“It does not mean that the Parliament is rubber-stamped; it simply means the Lawmakers put the general interest of the people far above personal interests and both arms of government respect their boundaries in balancing their powers.”

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