Well-known Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has requested that his fight with controversial singer Portable be canceled.

According to Zingtie, on Wednesday, Portable defeated the actor in a celebrity boxing bout that was staged to resolve their financial differences.

Okocha alleged that the match officials and referee had rigged the match in response to Portable’s victory.

The actor took to social media to air his complaints, claiming that Portable had taken off his boxing gloves during the third round, an action that should have resulted in his instant disqualification.

He said; “How can you give up in the 3rd round when we have 4 rounds? How do you take off your gloves in the third round, leading to total disqualification when the fight hasn’t ended?

“You all know this was rigged, with an incompetent referee who knows nothing about boxing rules. Nevertheless, we move on. Rematch is coming soon.”

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