Following a coup in September 2021, Guinea’s military junta dissolved the government.

The news was announced by a presidential proclamation that Secretary General Brig Gen Amara Camara read aloud on national television on Monday.

Mr. Camara omitted to mention the cause of the dissolution or the anticipated formation of a new administration.

The dissolving government’s ministers were told to turn in their passports and official cars.

In addition, their bank accounts have been suspended.

Additionally, until all government ministries have been completely transferred to the junta, security services have been ordered to “seal” all national borders by the junta.

Until a new administration is named, Mr Camara stated, state ministries will be temporarily run by lower-level officials.

Mamady Doumbouya, the leader of the coup, had appointed Bernard Goumou as prime minister, and he led the disbanded government.

Following a wave of protests over Mr Conde’s contentious attempt for a third term, Col. Doumbouya led Guinea’s armed forces to topple elected President Alpha Condé in September 2021.

Recent years have seen coups in Guinea and a number of other West and Central African nations. Niger, Gabon, Burkina Faso, and Mali are among the others.

The African Union, the UN, and the West African regional organization Ecowas have all vehemently denounced the coups.

In ten months, when the 24-month transition period established by the junta and Ecowas ends, Guinea is anticipated to hold elections to reinstate democratic governance.

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