Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar ll, the Sultan of Sokoto and Chairman of the Northern Traditional Rulers’ Council lamented the nation’s poor socioeconomic conditions and rising levels of insecurity on Wednesday.

Abubakar said that everything was wrong with Nigeria, especially the north, due to the present economic crisis that has caused immense agony for Nigerians.

He said that millions of Nigerians were jobless and food insecure and that the country was sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

At the council’s sixth executive committee meeting, which was held at Arewa House in Kaduna and had as its theme “Enhanced Security as a panacea for stability and development of the North,” Abubakar addressed his colleagues.

“We must find jobs for our teeming youths that are sitting idle and I have said it so many times, we sitting on a keg of gunpowder, having teeming youths millions of them, without jobs, without food, we are looking for trouble,” he said.

He lamented the fact that poverty and insecurity, the two beasts now plaguing the country, might signal disaster for Nigeria if they are not addressed immediately.

The king addressed the poverty and insecurity in the North, saying that the traditional leaders who were closest to the people had the difficult job of reassuring them that everything would be alright.

He said, “We have entered into a new cycle of leadership, some new Governors have come on board, while some are having their second term and still we at faced with these insecurity issues.

“To make matters worse, we are faced with rising levels of poverty of most of our people; lack of normal sources of livelihood by the common man to have even a good meal a day.

“But, I believe talking about insecurity and the rising level of poverty are two issues that we cannot fold our arms and think everything is okay.

“I have said it so many times and at so many fora that, things are not okay in Nigeria and of course, things are not okay in the North.

“What are the real issues bringing about poverty and rising cases of insecurity? I don’t think it is the issue of new government.”

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