She revealed that her son had set up a security car to take her out before her house and other belongings were set on fire.
Disturbing allegations of military involvement in the crimes have continued to dominate the conversation about the sad incident, as locals in Plateau state still struggle to cope with the aftermath of the most recent violent attacks that claimed thirty lives.

Remember how violence flared up in the troubled Mangu local government area of the Middle Belt state on Tuesday? Attacks by alleged Fulani expansionists resulted in the burning of houses and the destruction of crops.

One survivor, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed she was able to leave her home before the attackers besieged and destroyed it.

She revealed that her son had set up a security car to take her out before her house and other belongings were set on fire.

She did, however, claim that although the security personnel helped her escape the area of devastation, they did nothing to thwart the attackers.

Her words, “My house is at Sabon Kaswa. On Tuesday morning, we woke up at about 6 am and started hearing gunshots sound. It got intensified so we got out and tried to see or hear what was happening. When we didn’t know what was happening, we went back inside but we saw the Muslims in the neighbourhood moving in their numbers to the direction of the gunshots. We came out again and saw how menacing they were moving towards us and we got scared because we were only a few Christian families surrounded by the Muslims.

“We moved to the Church, COCIN Church, Sabon Kaswa and our Reverend and everyone with security numbers were calling the security to come but they delayed. The Hausa and Fulani boys were moving menacingly as their wives whom we never had any problem started insulting us. I later called my son to help and he went to find a group of security men. They asked that he buy petrol for them and he did. The security came, picked up a few of us and dropped us at the Gindiri junction.

“From the Gindiri junction, I went to a friend’s house and it was there I got information that my house was burnt after they looted my property. We also saw the security that was brought did not allow our Christian brothers to come around to help us. They were blocked but they allowed the Muslims to be burning Christians’ houses. The security that came around did nothing as my house, our Church and other Christian homes were burnt down.

“I heard that they parked bags of maize, rice, gari and all that I sell. They then went into the compound and burgled all the rooms. They injured some people and later set the house ablaze. A neighbour who was seriously sick and couldn’t move was burnt alongside his family members in his house.”

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