Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, counselled President Bola Tinubu on Thursday to restructure Nigeria in order to reap its benefits.

He mentioned security and economic prosperity as two advantages of restructuring if Tinubu’s government pays attention.

The Restructuring will give every state greater authority, he claimed in a statement signed by his media assistant, Osho Oluwatosin, and the nation will be able to withstand it better.

He said: “Restructuring will help Nigeria grow; it will give every state power and help the country survive. President Tinubu should work on this advice because it is important for this country.”

Primate Ayodele announced that the nation was in error and that Restructuring was the only way to fix it.

He clarified that if the government disregards advice, everything he has mentioned will come to pass one after the other.

” ” There is an error in the country, and it has to be corrected through Restructuring. All I have said will be happening one after the other whether the government likes it or not if there is no restructuring. If the government listens to this crucial advice, it will help the government,” he said.

Additionally, he disclosed that it will assist the government in eliminating economic suffering and lowering insecurity.

“Restructuring will help the government and help insecurity. The economic hardship will reduce if there is Restructuring; the government should work on it,” he added.

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