An expert makeup artist dedicated her time to elevating an 81-year-old woman’s appearance from stunning to flawless.

The elderly client’s goal as a makeup artist was to prepare her for her granddaughter’s traditional wedding.

The artist’s skilful application effectively covered the woman’s facial black patches, giving her skin a smooth appearance.

The woman’s face was riddled with wrinkles and dark patches associated with ageing, but her expression was joyful.

When the makeup artist finished, she topped her creation by giving the eighty-one-year-old woman a stylish wig, which made her look much younger.

The online audience credited the artist with their expertise and artistry for completing the task so deftly.

Some reactions trailing the makeup artist below

SHOPWITHLAVIE_ said: “Finally someone has done makeup according to age.”

Erykah said: “She has a very smooth skin for her age. It’s just the discolouration.”

19lmkp commented: “Age-appropriate makeup. She looks stunning.”

Temienor Ejiro said: “Wow! 81? She is beautiful.”

user9123040366819 said: “Grandma. We love you. Thank you to this beautiful MUA.”

Sexyjulie said: “She’s just flawless at 81. Plus this makeup is giving. Very soft and cool.”

Watch the video below

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