De General, a Nigerian comedian, disclosed that he only dates girls who are at least eighteen years old.

‘Unnecessary pressure’ is what mature women put on their lovers, according to De General, who stated as much in an online video.

De General expressed concern about the tendency of women in their mid-20s to pressure their boyfriends to get married.

He questioned the reasons behind these women’s hasty marriages and if they were aware of the repercussions of their choices.

He claims that he only dates younger women who are not eager to get married. When they turn 24, he ends things with them before they start pressuring him to be married or commit.

“What’s it, girls that are 24 years? All of you just want to get married. You start putting pressure on your boyfriend to marry.

“Are you people not scared? That’s why I date girls of 18yrs. Before they get to 24, I just break up,” he stated.

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