A small-scale drama unfolded on Friday when traders at the bustling Idumota market and inhabitants of Lagos Island voiced their displeasure with President Bola Tinubu by yelling in Yoruba, “Ebi npa wa oo,” which translates to “we are hungry.”

As the president’s convoy passed through the always bustling market, the traders lined up on both sides of the road and refused to wave him down. Instead, they continued to discuss their suffering, which they felt was brought on by the government.

Residents were heard grumbling that the president knew the people’s plans, which is why there was so much security, beneath the disgruntled voices in the video. But the supposed original plan remained a secret.

The President is spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Lagos.

According to Zingtie, Nigerians are experiencing a number of financial hardships as they celebrate the Yuletide, from a lack of cash to the rapidly rising cost of petrol, the country’s premium motor spirit.

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