In an unexpected turn of events, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for governor of Ogun State has warned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop threatening the opposition party claiming that they are all President Bola Tinubu’s children.

Adebutu made this statement on Saturday during the PDP’s end-of-year celebration, which was held at the party headquarters at NNPC Junction in the state capital of Abeokuta.

A prominent PDP figure swore loyalty to the President and the leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), raising questions about the recent developments in politics.

“This is not about one party; we have seen the governorship candidate of the LP here, Mr Shogunle, and even some members of the APC who joined forces with us during the last election, and that is why we have told them to stop intimidating us; we are all Tinubu’s children.

“Our party here is a party that preaches one Nigeria and one Ogun State. Even though we are not running for office today, we still need to speak out loud and truthfully. They once claimed that I had committed money laundering since I had given you money.

“Meanwhile, we shall talk when the time is right because it is my money that I am giving to people but that man, is spending government money; he will explain in due time,” he added.

Sunday Solarin, the party secretary, added that PDP is too big a party to be frightened by the APC.

The party scribe pointed out that because of the PDP’s case before the Supreme Court, the ruling party has been antagonistic towards the party.

However, Solarin expressed optimism about winning, saying: “The party actually won the election and that is why we are still in court and we believe quite well that the Supreme Court will set the records straight because it is a court of policy and there are a lot of policy errors we think should have given us favourable judgement at the lower courts, but we know that we are going to get the victory at the Supreme Court.

“We are not jittery over the Supreme Court judgement because we know that we have a good case. The judges at the lower courts have been dwelling on technicalities and we know that some of these technical excuses will not anchor on the justices of the Supreme Court.

“We know that once the Supreme Court looks at our case on an evidencebasis and attaches probative value to some of the documents that we presented, we can have our way and we are optimistic that we will have our way.”

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