The hopes of Nyesom Wike becoming the jagaban of Rivers State were ended, according to Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, a former spokesman for the now-defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP).

According to him, Wike—the State’s most recent governor—is no longer significant in terms of Rivers State politics or Nigerian politics in general.

He asserted that the majority of Wike’s past was now widely known to the public and warned anyone who choses to collaborate with him of their own risk.

He told the former governor that Rivers will never be Lagos and that his previous acts had put an end to his ambition to take over Rivers State as a landlord.

Eze expressed shock in a statement on Tuesday that well-known democrat President Bola Tinubu has abandoned the Nigerian constitution and the decent people of Rivers State in order to stroke Wike’s ego.

“With the credentials of President Tinubu, it becomes very hard to accept that he could be involved with the undemocratic steps and actions exhibited during the so-called Rivers State Peace Accord between Governor Fubara and Nyesom Wike.

“It is based on this that I decided to have another look at the so-called Peace Accord to decipher the intention of Mr. President towards his erroneous actions,“ he said.

Eze inferred that Mr. President and his team “strategically plotted all this not that they do not know that no reasonable Governor will implement any of them but to rubbish Nyesom Wike in his own plot to become Tinubu of Rivers State.”

“In this regard, I must commend President Tinubu for achieving what many political leaders couldn’t achieve by rubbishing the political fortunes of Nyesom Wike and thereby saving Rivers State from the nuisance that Wike has now become,” Eze said.

Eze postulated that “what we currently have in Rivers State is nothing but graveyard peace particularly now that Rivers State Elders, Youths and entire citizenry are fully aware that President Tinubu’s truce is nothing but to buy over Rivers State and it will be resisted no matter the odds.”

He added that “Wike is no longer relevant as far as the politics of Rivers State and Nigeria at large is concerned as most of his antecedents are now well known to all and sundry and whoever that decides to work with such a character does so at his or her own peril.

“This brings to and end his dream and vision of becoming the landlord and Jagaban of Rivers State. Rivers State cannot and will never be Lagos.”

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