In an effort to cut costs, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) announced on Thursday that it has moved its corporate headquarters from Abuja to Lagos.

This is what Mrs. Obiageli Orah, Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at FAAN, said in a statement made in Abuja.

She claims that in order to stop the squandering of public funds, Mr. Festus Kayamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, ordered the move.

According to her, the unions and other stakeholders, including the FAAN management, decided that, for the time being, the action was best for the nation and the authority.

“Those affected by the decision to move the headquarters to Abuja have since returned to Lagos as there is no office space for them in Abuja.

“It was ill-advised in the first place to move the headquarters to Abuja when there was no single FAAN building in Abuja to accommodate all of them at once.

“Having returned to Lagos, the Authority will be liable to pay them DTA because technically they are working out of station as their official posting is to Abuja,” she said.

Considering the enormous number of passengers that use the Lagos airports, she pointed out that over 60% of FAAN’s operations were conducted there.

“The Minister has rolled out plans to get concessionaires to build befitting offices for the Authority in Lagos and Abuja.

“Until that is done, the authority will continue to manage its old building in Lagos that can accommodate all its directors and senior officials for now”, she added.

She declared that FAAN had kept its level of activity in Abuja and that the city would maintain fully functional offices.

“It is just the technical decision of where the authority has its ‘corporate headquarters’ that has been taken without affecting the structure of operations as they are for now in both cities.

“⁠In the near future, when befitting corporate buildings have been built for the authority in both Lagos and Abuja, a final decision will be taken as to the location of the permanent headquarters.

“This will depend on the exigencies of the time,” she said.

The director emphasized that the FAAN was committed to acting in the nation’s and the public’s best interests going forward.

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