According to a ZINGTIE, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) are considering relocating parts of its departments from Abuja to Lagos State.

AYCF, the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, strongly opposes this notion. The organization says that the choice of Abuja as the state capital was made with the objective of uniting the nation and decentralizing power. They also say they will not tolerate any attempts to alter this arrangement.

The proposed relocations to Lagos, according to a statement released on Friday by Yerima Shettima, the president of the northern socio-cultural group, seriously jeopardize Abuja’s status as the federal capital territory.

The group stresses how such a move could worsen regional disparities, threaten national unity, disrupt operations, and cause economic setbacks.

The Arewa Youth Forum emphasizes the possible effects on the political and economic sustainability of the area in its appeal for Northern elites to speak out against the activities of FAAN and CBN.

In the statement, “Abuja was deliberately chosen as the capital (of Nigeria) to promote National unity and decentralise power. Any agenda that seeks to tamper with this arrangement will be fiercely resisted by AYCF and its supporters.”

The group expressed, “The Northern elite must not be silent when the political and economic viability of Northern Nigeria is at stake and well-meaning Nigerians should speak out against this emerging arbitrariness. The organisation urges decision-makers to prioritise national unity and ensure that any actions taken do not perpetuate regional imbalances or compromise the political and economic viability of Northern Nigeria.”

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