In order to protect the people living in Umumukwu Nkata Ibeku village in Umuahia North LGA from additional harm, the Abia State government has started building a flood control system.

In addition to addressing the area’s ongoing flooding problem, the project would be utilized to restore sections of the nearby road that erosion had ruined.

The flood threat region, often referred to as the “Danger Zone” by certain locals and indigenous people of Nkata, has, in the past, during rainy seasons, destroyed several buildings and valuable trees in addition to taking the lives of some children who were sent on errands.

Furthermore, the drainage system that was previously built by the community in an attempt to neutralize the threat had weakened because of the water current.

Several Umumukwu Nkata residents, including Mr. Steven Ibeabuchi and Mrs. Josephine Chigere, informed journalists that locals and outsiders had perished at the erosion site. Still, they were relieved that the Abia State government had stepped in to help.

In a related development, the state government has started rebuilding the flood-damaged Dozie Way and Umuafai-Lodu roads in Umuahia.

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