Videos have surfaced showing a lower-ranking military officer castigating Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos state, for detaining and assaulting one of their colleagues as the latter was driving against traffic in the state.

Sanwo Olu was seen in the widely shared video requesting his security details to chase after three motorcycle riders who were allegedly riding outside the law.

But while the security personnel were pulling one of the detained into their car, the governor was informed that he was a soldier.

The soldier’s arrest was seen to be strongly ordered by the visibly angry governor.

Sanw-olu is heard saying in the video, “Arrest him, arrest him! Take him into your vehicle, you are telling me you are a soldier and that is more reason I am going to lock you up. Get inside there, useless boy! you are telling me you are a soldier.”

“I am sorry, sir, I am sorry,” the soldier mentioned above was overheard saying.

The army’s rank and file felt outraged by the governor’s action, and they expressed their disapproval of the governor’s statement, insulting the soldier.

The soldiers in two of the recordings that this reporter was able to view were furious with the governor for labeling the man as useless. They insisted that the detained soldier had broken his arm while fighting for the country.

“You are calling a soldier useless, but when you want to do your dirty work, you use the soldiers,” an enraged soldier—whose identity was withheld—said to the governor in one of the tapes.

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