The banditry and kidnapping that plague the northern region of Nigeria, according to Most Rev Prof Emmanuel Chukwuma, the Emeritus Archbishop of the Enugu Anglican Diocese, is God’s punishment for what they did to the Igbo people.

The newly retired preacher said this in an interview with Vanguard.

He believed that Igbos, particularly those in Asaba, were dealt with throughout the Nigerian Civil War.

The minister lamented that the Igbo people had indeed been wiped off during the war.

According to him, “The Nigeria Civil War dealt with us in Asaba, it was a real genocide and we’re asking for apology and more compensation as they do in other places. What is happening now in the whole of northern Nigeria – the banditry, kidnappings etc – is God’s punishment for what they did to us, yes!

“And until they apologize and ask for forgiveness, at no time will this banditry, kidnapping and killings stop. The blood of innocent people is crying and that’s what you are seeing there. So until they apologize and make some restitution, the banditry and mayhem you have in the North will not stop.”

He emphasized that there should be no segregation in the nation and that fairness and equal rights should be accorded to all regions.

The pastor contended that granting the Igbos an opportunity to govern Nigeria is imperative.

“Nigeria should be a country for all of us, not a country for just one person. There should be no segregation, nobody should be neglected, and there should be equal rights and justice. Equity and justice must prevail. The Igbo must be given the same opportunity to serve Nigeria and corruption must cease,”he added

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