In a conversation with a Daily Trust correspondent, General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, discussed the efforts being made by security services to manage the increasing wave of instability in Nigeria as well as the theft of oil in the southern region.

In response to the conflicts between farmers and herders in Plateau State and other regions of the nation, he stated that the best course of action would be to establish a cattle ranch for the herders, adding that their herds would increase in size if they ceased relocating them.

General Musa claimed that the previous administration’s strategy was to blame for the inability to establish cattle ranches for herders in every state, even though billions of Naira were allotted for the project.

He said, “Frankly speaking, whatever challenge we are having is something we can easily sort if we are really ready. It is a very simple issue. The North is blessed with a large landmass. And we have a number of dams. Let’s get to those areas. The government can procure those areas and use them.”

Further talking, he said, “If you go to somebody’s community and want to use his land and he says no, leave him and go to another place; he will come, and beg you because he will need your meat; we will have to eat.”

According to him, Nigerian leaders need to take a clear and passionate approach to these issues. He claimed that if we take that action, he can guarantee that the conflict between farmers and herders in the nation will end right now.

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