Elder statesman Chief Dan Ulasi has harshly criticised the administration of former President Buhari, stating that if he were given the chance to run the nation, he would put Buhari in Kuje prison as his first official move.

In an interview with AIT, Ulasi called the Buhari administration the most corrupt in the country’s history and claimed it had pushed Nigeria back 20 years.

He cited incidents such as Sirika’s purported misappropriation of money intended for use in Buhari’s home state of Katsina and the documented misuse of a sizeable sum of money by a former Accountant-general in Buhari’s administration. Ulasi stressed that these were just the examples that were made public, implying that there may be further cases that are still unreported.

In Ulasi’s words: “If you make me the president today, my first act of government he (Buhari) will be at Kuje prison, I will put him in Kuje prison. He has taken Nigeria 20 years back. His government is the most corrupt that ever passed through this country… You were talking about Sirika who ate the money that was supposed to be used to do something in Katsina, the former president’s home state.”

“These are the ones they allowed us to know, if somebody can make away with a 100 and something billion naira, I am talking of the former Accountant-general or something, these are the ones you and I are able to know. How about the ones we don’t know?”

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