To express their disapproval of the rising cost of living and persistent economic hardship that characterized President Bola Tinubu’s first year in office, a group of young people from the north set fire to the Nigerian flag.

The youngsters were seen burning the flag in the newly shared video on X, lamenting the unstable state of the economy and drawing a comparison between it and the massive amounts of money spent by the government on unnecessary projects that still come up during economic downturns.

“We voted you (referring to President Bola Tinubu) into power. But see the situation we are in: people are feeding on leaves while you are living in an affluent manner,” the youths said.

They added, “A packet of Spaghetti is now N700 and beyond the reach of the poor.”

The youths added that Nigeria’s 1-2 defeat to Cote d’Ivoire in Sunday’s 2023 Africa Cup of Nations final was essential in bringing citizens’ attention back to the immense suffering they are now facing.

“We thank the almighty God for Nigeria losing the football competition. We pray Nigeria does not win anything if this is how the country is being governed,” said the northern youths. “We are tired of everything.”

Even though he acknowledged that his drastic economic reforms would put the majority of Nigerians in suffering, Mr. Tinubu has persisted in urging his fellow citizens to endure since they were essential for the eventual financial success.

“The time may be rough and tough. However, our spirit must remain unbowed because tough times never last. We are made for this period, never to flinch, never to falter.

“The socio-economic challenges of today should energize and rekindle our love and faith in the promise of Nigeria,” Mr Tinubu said in his New Year address.

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