On Saturday, Matthew Hassan-Kukah, the bishop of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese, stated that the killers in Plateau State “want their own kind of Nigeria according to their ideology” and that the ceaseless killings go beyond herder-farmer conflicts.

This is even as he claimed that Nigeria’s enemies are waging war on the nation.

In a statement released on Saturday, Kukah made this known and tasked the government with stopping the marauders’ agenda and defending Nigerians.

The fiery priest vehemently denounced the terrorist attacks on Christmas Eve in the Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi Local Government Areas of the Plateau State.

According to Zingtie, hundreds of homes and farmlands have burned as a result of the attacks, which have claimed over 200 deaths to date.

The terrorists, according to Kukah, are “sons of Satan” who have chosen to steal and put out the Christmas joy from thousands of people on the Plateau.

“We may pretend that we are not at war, but truly, a war is being waged against the Nigerian state and its people. God forbid, but we could snap anytime, anywhere and for any reason,” he said.

“We have questions crying for answers: Who are these killers? Where are they coming from? Who is sponsoring them? What are their grouses, and against whom? What do they want? Whom do they want? Who are they working for? When will it all end? Why are they invincible and invisible? Who is offering them cover?

“These people want power. They want it on their own terms. They want their own kind of Nigeria according to their ideology.

“These killings are just a preface. These killings are no longer acts by herders and farmers over grazing fields.”

Kukah went on to say that the military could not keep experiencing intelligence failures.

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