The terrorists wreaking havoc in Plateau State have threatened to attack a village with further strikes.

Stanley Kavwam, the Middle Belt Forum’s deputy national publicity secretary, acknowledged the threat on Thursday during an appearance on the Arise TV show.

According to him, the Pushit community in Mangu Local Government Area, from whence he originates, received a letter from the terrorists threatening an impending attack.

“While I was driving down from Jos to this place, I received a call. A letter was sent to my own village by the terrorists that the attackers were going to invade on the 29th of this December.

“All the attacks that were orchestrated, there was a letter to that effect that was dropped by an anonymous person, intimating the residents of Mangu LGA that there would be attacks”, he stated.

According to Zingtie, the letter was received just four days after the courageous gunmen broke into 17 communities on Christmas eve, killing multiple people and setting the communities on fire.

The horrific attack on gullible farmers in the state’s three local government districts has left 196 people dead.

According to a reliable source familiar with the tragic event, at least 149 people—including women and children—have been laid to rest in the state’s Bokkos Local Government Area as of Thursday, Zingtie was informed.

He noted that no fewer than 28 lives were lost in Barkin Ladi LGA as a result of the unprovoked attack by the ruthless attackers who have been wreaking havoc throughout the state.

Similarly, during the horrific attack, roughly 19 people were shot and killed in the Mangu Local Government Area. Every attack took place on a single day.

Over time, the state’s ongoing massacres have raised the question of whether or not the perpetrators are known.

Zingtie was informed by a security source that the terrorists’ identities are not secret.

He claims that it is a long-standing problem that affects some state stakeholders.

“There are people deliberately frustrating the efforts of security personnel. It is a technical issue that has been there for years. But trust me, the security agencies here are looking for means to end this attack once and for all.

“Since they don’t want peace, we may give them what they want”, he said anonymously.

Zingtie remembers that in an interview with Arise TV, federal lawmaker Hon. Peter Ibrahim Gyendeng—who represents Barkin Ladi/Riyom in Plateau State in the House of Representatives—claimed to know of the attackers.

The lawmaker claimed that even the security authorities are aware of the assailants in a video footage that has lately made its way back onto social media.

He further stated that terrorists typically don’t announce their strikes.

He said, “They are not hidden. The security agencies know them very well. We know where they are coming from, we know where they go when they attack.

“That is not hidden. It is something that has been happening, most times, the good Samaritan among the herders will call and say ‘these people are coming to attack’.

“Sometimes, the place they say they are going to attack, they don’t attack the place. They will go to another vulnerable place and attack.”

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