Seun Kuti responded to the damning BBC programme that claimed late prophet TB Joshua was abusing and misbehaving sexually.

In a video, Seun claimed that TB Joshua is just like many other preachers. He warned attendees of churches not to fool themselves into believing their pastors are less guilty than TB Joshua.

According to Seun, many men of God open church primarily in order to have sex with women.

This, he continued, is the reason he respects the late Fela Kuti, his father.

He claimed that his father was an openly sex priest. Unlike preachers, he said, his father didn’t keep it a secret.

“Why you men are wicked is because you want to fuck and still be claiming sainthood,” Seun said. 

“You want to be f***ing and be telling everybody else not to f***. That’s your problem, it’s your hypocrisy,” he added. 

Additionally, he stated that it was clear that TB Joshua had never worked a single miracle.

He said: “If you have to watch this documentary to know that TBJ has never performed any miracle in his life, then you deserve to be TBJed,” he stated.

According to Seun, rape and abuse of women should now be referred to as TBJ.

He went on to say that “no pastor anywhere in this country has ever performed any miracle in their life”, and any woman who believes pastors deserves to be “TBJed”.

“So you believe say, somebody wey don cripple, somebody can make am stand up and walk?” he asked.

At the age of 57, TB Joshua passed away in June of 2021.

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