Vice President of Nigeria Kashim Shettima has charged that forces unknown are undermining the Bola Tinubu administration’s attempts to stabilise the economy, as reported by Premium Times.

Speaking at the Public Wealth Management Conference in Abuja, Shettima blamed the present food crisis on politicians and smugglers who failed to get to power through democratic methods. He expressed his fear that these forces were driving the nation into anarchy and vowed to stop them.

The vice president cited a recent example in which forty-five trucks of corn that were being smuggled into a neighbouring country were stopped.

Shettima highlighted that the 32 unofficial routes in the Ilela axis (Sokoto state) are a contributing factor to the recent increase in food costs. In January 2024, the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the rate of food inflation was 35.41% year-on-year, indicating a notable rise over the previous year.

Shettima emphasised the importance of unity and urged a change from political fights to efficient government. In order to stabilise the economy, he revealed the federal government’s goal to raise $10 billion through public asset optimisation.

To show that it is committed to tackling economic issues, the administration has set goals for the next eight years that include not only stabilising the value of the national currency but also doubling GDP growth.

“Forces are hell-bent on plunging this country into a state of anarchy, those that could not get into power through the ballot box. Instead of waiting for 2027, they are so desperate; that this country can fall apart as far as they are concerned. But we are going to visit them,” the vice president said.

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