A movement to end the current presidential system in the nation and return to the parliamentary form used during the First Republic has been started by a group of 60 parliamentarians known as the Parliamentary Group.

The Parliamentary Group introduced a measure to amend the constitution on Tuesday during a House of Representatives session.

During the plenary, three measures proposing constitutional amendments were introduced by lawmakers, including the minority leader Kingsley Chinda.

The organisation’s spokesperson, Abdulsamad Dasuki, clarified the main ideas of the bills during a press conference held at the House Press Centre.
Under the direction of Abdulsamad Dasuki, the parliamentarians voiced their displeasure with the expensive presidential system and the enormous powers granted to the president.

“No wonder the Nigerian President appears to be one of the most powerful presidents in the world,” Dasuki remarked.

He emphasized the high government expense and the executive members’ disproportionate authority, who are not directly answerable to the public, to draw attention to the flaws in the presidential form of government.

With confidence in their efforts, the legislators set a goal date 2031 for the constitutional amendment to help with the shift.

Dasuki emphasized that the group wanted to start a discussion about the shortcomings of the current legislative system.

“The bills presented today seek a return to the system of government adopted by our founders, which made governance accountable, responsible, responsive, and ultimately less expensive,” he asserted.

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