Fuel marketers have disclosed Nigerians’ anticipated fuel costs after the Dangote refinery’s operations.

According to the ZINGTIE, the Dangote refinery declared that production would begin last Friday.

If the Federal Government consented, the business has stated its willingness to offer diesel and JetA1, or aviation fuel, to the Nigerian market.

It also stated that in the upcoming months, fuel production will start.

Billy Gillis-Harry, President of PETROAN (Petroleum Products Retail Outlets Owners Association), responded to the news in a special interview with ZINGTIE on Monday, stating that one advantage of the Dangote refinery’s coming online will be a price drop.

It will be astonishing, he says, if domestic refineries do not affect fuel prices.

Nigerians should anticipate paying less for fuel, he continued.

“The promise that Dangote refinery petroleum products will be rolled out this month is good.

“There are remarkable benefits for Nigerians. When you import petrol products, you incur some costs. Common sense dictates that the in-country’s refining capacity should impact the price of the products.

“I will be surprised if we produce petrol in Dangote and Port Harcourt refinery and there is no price reduction benefit for Nigerians. Nigerians should expect to pay less. What the amount will be, I can’t determine right now”, he stated.

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