The Masabo hamlet in Kisii county threw a red carpet welcome for the 93-year-old man, celebrating the reunion of long-lost relatives after many years apart.

Samuel Abuga, who fled his family and home forty years ago in search of a better life, startled his family by returning home after being presumed dead during the Mau Mau war.

Abuga’s family reserved a little plot of land for him and sent his grandson to fetch him from Makueni. This led to a beautiful reunion filled with deep emotional ties.

Masabo hamlet in Kisii county sprang to life when their long-lost relatives returned home after being gone for decades; they even gave him a red carpet welcome where he took centre stage in everything.

Samuel Abuga moved away from his family to pursue “greener pastures” just forty years ago, and he hasn’t looked back.

Their grandson Enock Abuga was sent to get him, and upon his return, he notified the local chief. He discovered that he was his grandfather after they questioned him about his background and family.

“We left for Kisii, I informed people back at home who started preparing for his homecoming,” said Abuga.

A granddaughter who married into the family described how she had heard about an uncle who had vanished years before, and now was her chance to see him.

“I am happy to see him live. I only get tales of an uncle who left home for good, not even his photo was at home for his memories,” said the granddaughter.

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