According to Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), a robust national economy would help to lessen the ongoing security situation in the FCT and other regions of the country.

Nonetheless, the former governor of Rivers stated that the federal government was actively trying to boost the country’s economy in order to combat poverty, which he asserted is one of the causes of insecurity.

In an interview with the media in Abuja on Monday, Wike said that there was a connection between poverty and criminality but that poverty and the economy were two sides of the same coin.

He said: “You cannot talk about poverty without talking about the economy.

“If the economy is good, it means a lot of things will function well and that will be able to reduce poverty.

“When the economy is working well, there will be a lot of employment creation. When the economy is good, businesses will thrive, and this is what the current government is trying to do.”

He clarified that the federal government was making great efforts to revive the nation’s economy, which had been in appalling shape for a very long period, through the elimination of subsidies and other economic measures.

In order to effectively reduce poverty, he advised Nigerians to wait patiently, adding that the steps will eventually strengthen the economy.

The minister emphasized that poverty was not unique to the FCT while also noting its role in the nation’s escalating levels of insecurity and the FCT.

He continued by saying that if FCTA were linked to the national economy, it would not be able to lessen poverty within the region.

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